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Hero Inside You

WeFarmbot simplifies the way you garden, grow and eat. We build, further develop and distribute WeFarmbot kits. We can deliver a WeFarmBot kit within 1 week or fully assembled kits in 4 weeks

Prepare For The Adrenaline

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

Wi-Fi inside

Control and configure FarmBot with any internet connected device

Multi functional head

Sometimes you just have to stop and stare at the lines, they’re quite pretty.

Industrial quality rails

Made with care and focus on minimaliistic geometric design.

Weatherproof Electronics

To live together with nature

Large Growbed

4.5m2 tow grow’s natures finest veggies

Looks To Kill

Not Just For Farmers

We believe in versatility, which means your Farmbot will be able to go wherever life takes you. While it has traditional Farmbot parts, they’ve been tuned to adjust to city like conditions. Finally the freedom you’ve been craving is here.

Handmade Quality

Built By Actual Gardeners

Everyone at We Farmbot is a die hard gardener, and what this translates into ultimately is a higher quality product. We know the trails you want to go on so rest assured; we know exactly what’s needed to handle them.

Enter Into A World Of Fun

First Person Clips Of Gardeners With The Farmbot

Meet Farmbot 1:26

Humanity’s first open-source CNC farming machine

Introducing Farmbot Genesis 5:42

FarmBot Genesis is humanity’s first open-source CNC farming machine designed for at-home automated food production.

Before the Flood 2:18

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s three-year journey exploring the subject of climate change.


Base Frameset

Farmbot Package

Aluminum extrusion with V-Slots, Bent aluminum lasercut parts, Complete V-wheels with aluminum and eccentric spacers, Weatherproofed 3D Printed parts

Case & Mechanics


Plexiglas lasercut for casing, Electronic casing, GT2 pulleys and belts,
Magnets for UTM, 4x NEMA 17 stepper motor with rotary encoders, Leadscrew and leadscrew block, 1x Coupling 5×8, Air pump


Air water sensors

Solenoid valve, Gommets & O-rings, Connections for tubing and cabling (water pipes, utm, etc), Complete set of screws, grub screw, washers, springs, nuts, T-nuts and nylstop nut, Water, air tubing, Cables for motors, rotary encoders, power, air, water, utm, camera, 20×60 Cable management.


Electronics Set

Raspberry Pi 3, MicroSD card and adapter, Raspberry Camera v2, Soil sensor, Arduino Mega2560 R3, Ramps 1.4 and 5 stepsticks DRV8825, 5V adapter, Power Supply 400W 33A 12V DC (110V and 220V)

Farmbot Genesis – Fully assembled

The Farmbot Genesis is nothing but the ultimate food growing machine. Built to perfection from the ground up by experienced gardeners who wanted something better than what was out there. Try the Farmbot today and you’ll never go back.

From €4249.99

Farmbot Genesis – Custom Color

Available Soon from €4999.99

From €4999.99

DIY Farmbot kit

Available Soon from €2999.99

From €2999.99